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Midway District

Program Development Committee (PDC)

Strong local extension programs are the outcome of a partnership between extension agents and members of the local Program Development Committee.

Kansas extension county and district laws require four program development committees with six or more members serving on each committee. Committees focus on four core areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Community Development, Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development.

Midway District Family and Consumer Sciences PDC Members:

  • Marcia Blundon
  • Beth Pfeifer
  • Sadee Solden
  • Bonnie Thompson
  • Krista Ulrich
  • Susie Krug
  • Roxie Janssen
  • Laura Vague
  • Pat Allen 
  • Jeanne Haase

Jessica Kootz 

Family and Consumer Sciences Agent
210 N. Kansas 
Suite #1
Ellsworth, KS 67439