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Midway District

Global Food Systems

As the state's largest employer, agriculture drives the Kansas economy. In 2013, the agricultural industry contributed $53 billion and 37 percent of the state's gross regional product. Farmers and agribusinesses exported $2.6 billion worth of goods making agriculture the No. 1 Kansas export category in 2013. We are improving food and agricultural systems to feed the world's growing population, which will economically benefit Kansas.

What We Are Doing

  • Developing and testing new crop, vegetable, and tree varieties that are suited to the Kansas climate.
  • Reducing food waste caused by insects, poor storage, and processing techniques.
  • Creating sustainable agricultural systems that intensify productivity.
  • Identifying ways to maintain cattle rangeland threatened by variations in climate.
  • Leading national and international teams to solve global food issues.
  • Helping families stretch their food dollars.


  • Provided technical expertise to 532 contacts with 142 different companies and 86 additional entrepreneurs in 2013 through the Kansas Value-Added Foods Laboratory.
  • Developed Everest wheat, which was planted on more Kansas acres in fall 2013 than any other variety.
  • Used forage supplies and supplemental ingredients to develop beef cattle feed rations that potentially saved Kansas ranchers on average $1,000 each.