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Midway District

Welcome to Midway District #15

The next Extension Board Meeting
will be held in Ellsworth on
June 8, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.


The July Board Meeting will be in Russell on July 6th, NOT 13th!!!


Board Meeting Schedule:
2nd Thursday of every month
May- October @ 7:00 PM
November- April @ 6:30 PM


Willie's Farm Family Entries Due June 12th!

We're excited to announce that K-State Athletics will host Celebrate Agriculture Day with K-State Football again this fall. Our designated Celebrate Agriculture game is September 23, 2023 against Central Florida, and we are excited to honor one Willie's Farm Family from each county! The family must be actively involved in agriculture in the county they are nominated from.
Nominate a farm family by completing this quick survey https://kstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_87zhj81C2Zm7tZ4 by Sunday, June 11 at 11:59pm. A winner from Ellsworth county and a winner from Russell county will be selected at random.
The selected farm family from each county will received two complementary tickets to the game with the opportunity to purchase additional discounted tickets and be recognized with all county representatives during the game. The nominated family will receive more information on this program in a follow-up email the week of June 19.
If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Jessica Kootz at the Midway Extension District office at 785.472.4442 or 785.483.3157, or by email at jessicak@ksu.edu.
Willies Famr Families





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Providing education you can trust to help people, businesses, and communities solve problems, develop skills, and build a better future.

All of us lead busy lives and have many questions. Finding the right answers can be hard. Misinformation is out there and accessible at our fingertips. But, you already have a resource for those answers - K-State Research and Extension.

So, what is Extension? We are Kansas State University in your local community. For more than 150 years, K-State Research and Extension has fulfilled the mission upon which land-grant universities were founded: Educating people.

Our mission continues by providing you practical, research-based information through quality educational programs.

4-H and Youth Development
Empowering youth to reach their full potential by working and learning in partnership with caring adults.
  • Community clubs
  • School enrichment
  • SPIN (SPecial INterest) clubs
  • Summer and day camps 
  • County and state fairs
Community Development
Empowering communities to shape their own futures through research, education, and community engagement.
  • Kansas PRIDE program
  • Board leadership workshops
  • Volunteer development
Crops and Horticulture
Information and education for the agricultural community to grow the economic base of Kansas agriculture. 
  • Soil testing for crops & gardens
  • Farm economics education
  • Crop variety test plots
  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Insect &  plant identification
  • Plant & tree disease diagnosis
  • Private pesticide applicator
Family and Consumer Sciences
Information and education throughout the lifetime to build strong relationships, families, and communities.
  • Nutrition education
  • Food preservation (canning, freezing, drying)
  • Cooking workshops
  • Medicare counseling
  • Health insurance education
  • Family budgeting 
  • Emergency preparedness
Livestock Production
Information and education for the livestock community to grow the economic base of Kansas livestock.
  • Forage & Livestock Water Testing 
  • Ration Development & Nutrition
  • Range Management
  • Livestock Selection
  • Land Purchasing & Rental Rate Information
  • Livestock Management Assistance